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Prenominated to Latino awards
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Prenominated to Latino awards

Prenominated to Latino awards

The Platinum Prizes of Ibero-American Cinema announced in Madrid the 20 films selected in each category, from which will be released on May 31 the five nominees of each section for this new edition of prizes to be delivered on July 22 in the Spanish capital. Among the pre-nominated are three productions with sound design by Sonata Films, “The Seed of Silence” Juan Felipe Cano, “Santa y Andrés” Carlos Lechuga and “relative” by Ivan Gaona. Madrid (Spain), the city that will host the ceremony of the Oscar-nominated Ibero-American cinema after Panama, Marbella (Spain) and Punta del Este (Uruguay), will take advantage of it to promote themselves as a shooting location, announced Mayor Manuela Carmena, as well as to organize parallel activities such as the VI Forum EGEDA-FIPCA of the Ibero-American Audiovisual and projections of participating feature films. Best Ibero-American fiction movie: santa and andres and the seed of silence Best original music: The seed of silence Best Ibero-American premium opera: the seed of silence Best male performance: Andres parra / The seed of silence Best female performance: Angie Cepeda / The seed of silence Best screenplay: Santa and Andrés Better assembly: The seed of silence and Kinsman Better sound direction: The seed of silence We congratulate these three projects with the undisputed sound design of Sonata Films, and we hope that the prizes will be brought home. See more of this news in the following link:

Premios Platino

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